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Friday, September 25, 2009

Trader Joe's - Now Open!!!

 So, today our Trader Joe's in Princeton, NJ officially opened!  Happy day. :)  Here is a picture story of our own Trader Joe's Adventure!

 A group of us rode bikes over there - kids and all - to celebrate the grand opening of our new store. 

There was actually a good group of people there at 8:30 am (1/2 hour before the store actually opened).  There was music, coffee, and breakfast treats.  Definitely a fun atmosphere.

A lady standing next to me told me how she was so excited for the opening.  She mentioned that she would regularly travel the 45 minutes to get to the closest Trader Joe's (before this opening).  Then she would call up her girlfriends to see if they needed anything while she was there.  Trader Joe's has such dedicated and loyal followers.  I was happy to be part of the group gathered this morning. 

 Around 8:50 the mayor of Princeton said some opening words.  He shared how people have been asking him for years about getting a Trader Joe's.  This was a long awaited store opening!

Along with the mayor were some congress women (I think that's who they were) and the Captain and First Mate of the new store (along with many employees - some working and others just there for fun).  Then there was the official cutting of the lei to announce the store was opened.

 On our way in, the employees were lined up on either side of the aisle and cheering for those coming in to the store.  Very fun atmosphere and lots of excitement.  If I can get my video working on the blog, I will post a video of it too. 

 Beautiful new store.  Just walking around it felt comfortable and fun.


 The lines around 9:30.  They actually ran out of shopping carts.  People were having to pick them up at the door as customers were leaving.

 The end of a happy visit - the first of many! 

I must confess - I only picked up a few things this trip.  1/2 gallon of milk, a nut mix (cranberries, almonds, and cashews - the best mix I've ever had), and bananas.  I like to stick with my regular shopping day as Monday, but still had to be there for the opening.

Sunday night I'll post my first Trader Joe's meal plan (with a price estimation) and then a follow up post will come Monday or Tuesday on how we did with prices.

Happy weekending!  Thanks for sharing in this fun day!


Holly said...

how fun, jamie! thanks for posting. i'm eager to see your new meal plan.

Khurt said...

The Princeton opening was a big fail. I am glad I did not go there to pickup lunch as I originally planned. I are my lunch and then went to the new store. Checkout lines were 20 minutes or more. They ran out of shopping carts and baskets. They sell NO wine!
I took a friend from work who had never been to a TJ and his question was “What’t the big deal?”. With the Wholefoods on the other side of Route 1 and Wegman’s just down the street he may have a point.
No WINE???!!!! I guess I’ll have to ask my other co-worker to stop at Westfield on his way down from Morristown.

Baby Get Green said...

Yeah, it is sad that they don't sell wine. I had heard that they were/are trying, but NJ is so strict with their liquor license. I think there is some kind of rule about having one store (out of all the Trader Joe's stores in the state) that can sell alcohol. I think it is also really expensive to buy a liquor license (I heard somewhere around $1 million).

All that to say, I'm sure it was not Trader Joe's choice not to sell wine. I bet they enjoy selling it as much as we enjoy buying it. :)

It was a bit crazy today and they did run out of carts, but I think it's all about the fun of having a new store open and getting it figured out. It was their first day.

Danielsen5 said...

I hope everyone who has a TJ in their area feels blessed. The closest TJ and Whole Foods to me (middle TN) is an hour away! I am so looking forword to reading this blog!

Blessings, Beth Ann

Gwen said...

Sorry Dad and I missed the big day by only a few hours :(. Would have been fun to share the experience with you! Loved hanging out for a few days. Missing you already.

Gwen said...

Where's the joy!??

No stomping on your parade Jamie... celebrating TJ's with you!

pk said...

Thanks Jamie for the great pictures and write-up. It was fun going over together!

Josh said...

AWESOME!!! Can't wait to come visit that TJ's. :) Love you guys and miss you heaps. Give Evester some kisses from her auntie and uncle.