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Monday, October 12, 2009

Simply Almonds, Cashews & Cranberries

Just a quick note to say that this trek mix is amazing.  We've been getting it for awhile now, but for those who have never tried it - you are missing out!  It's like all the best things of a trail mix, but without all the stuff you don't like (for me, at least :)).

You can buy it like this for $4.69 or in individual bags (which are really convenient) for the same price (but you get an ounce or 2 less).  Last week they just had this bag and I ended up putting them in individual containers for us to grab and go.

I'll report in tomorrow with the Meal Plan Follow Up!


Amanda said...

Thanks for the heads up, Jamie. I this the cheapest way to get this mix, or would it be cheaper to make our own from these individual ingredients?

Jamie said...

Good question. I'll try to remember to price it out on my next visit :). I have a feeling that I did that a couple of years ago when we first started buying it and it was pretty close in price, but can't remember for sure.

Gwen said...

Dad loves this trek mix. We often take the individual packets for travel.