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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Trader Joe's - Almost Fearless

I just got my "Almost Fearless" e-mail from Trader Joe's.  If you sign up for their eNewsletter here you can get a little preview of the one coming out soon.  I will say, if you are hesitant to sign up, this is my first e-mail from them and I've been signed up for a number of weeks.  They really only send you what you sign up for!

I received the eNewsletter yesterday for the "Fearless Flyer" coming out on October 13th.  If you just want to look over the current "Fearless Flyer" you can do that here.

Some things I'm excited about from the info in the newsletter
  • They've added a couple of recipe links (this edition has one for drop biscuits and an enchilada casserole
  • They have a frozen ready-to-make dish involving Saucy Scallops with Mushrooms.
  • For winter, they have Baker Josef's Flour $2.99 for 5lbs.  It's white whole wheat flour at a great price!  They also have a white and wheat mixture for the same price.  
 They say this at the end of the newsletter, but I'll add it here too
Download the entire Fearless Flyer on October 13th at or visit your neighborhood Trader Joe's for a copy that's printed on 100% recycled newsprint using soy-based ink.

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