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Friday, October 23, 2009

Trader Joe's chocolate covered almonds

These have been my latest favorite Trader Joe's item!  They are so good.  They also have milk and dark chocolate covered almonds (a mix).

I was curious about what percentage of dark chocolate these were, since that matters with dark chocolate (70% or higher is best and makes it a healing food!).  A woman at the customer service desk called the distributor to ask!  How awesome are Trader Joe's employees!

Anyway, in the treat pictured above, it's only 50% dark chocolate.  So, not great...  BUT, this same employee pointed out that there are containers with dark chocolate covered almonds that are 72% dark chocolate!  I just had never seen them.  They are a bit more expensive, which is to be expected with the higher cocoa content. 

You should definitely try them out some time!  And, I'll be getting the true dark chocolate ones next time.

The almonds pictured above are $6.99 for 24 ounces.  The darker chocolate one is $4.99 for less, but I can't remember how much exactly (maybe 16 ounces or so). 

Happy snacking to you!

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