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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Whole Foods Deals Reminder

The sale items are up for the week of 10/21/09 - 10/27/09.

Again, the sales go by region.  These specials are always posted at the front entrance for you to tear off.  You can also find your local sale ads by going to their website.  At the top of the page put in your zip code and make whatever store you go to "your store".  Then, click on "specials".

The only sale I was excited about this week was 10 for $10 avocados.  That is 1/2 their normal price at Whole Foods.

On another Whole Foods note...

Today Evee and I went to Whole Foods.  We needed to get out of the house after cleaning.  We are both a little sick.  My throat was hurting and ice cream sounded good.  I also hadn't really eaten lunch and decided to get a little something while there.  We had such a great time!

I'd never gotten their gelato (it's at the front of our store with the coffee bar).  It is so good!  We got a 2 scoop size to share, but the lady serving us let us get 3 flavors (since Evee wanted the "pink" (aka strawberry) and I wanted mint chip and cookies & cream - all very good flavors!).  It would normally be $2.99 for the 2 scoop, but the cashier only charged us the 1 scoop price ($1.99).  I corrected him after I realized, but he said it was okay. 

Beyond that I got pizza.  Our friend got me hooked on their pizza now.  You pay by the pound and it's fairly reasonable and for really tasty.  The pesto pizza is amazing.  Today it had roasted peppers on it (the other day it had roasted tomatoes and was unbelievable...I'm going to try to make it at home). 

So, for a great price ($5), we got pizza (2 pieces), ice cream (2 scoops for the price of one :), but by accident), and a soda (their 365 root beer for $.69) we got to eat really well.

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