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Friday, January 8, 2010

Salmon Salad

This tasted amazing easy.  And we will easily get 2 meals from all of this food. 

All from Trader Joe's
  • Salmon ($6.99/lb) - one package can be used for 2 meals for us when putting it on a salad
  • Organic romaine lettuce ($2.89 for pack of 3)

  • Cucumber ($1.99 for extra long seedless)
  • Tomato ($.79 each)
  • Carrot ($.89/lb)
  • Dressing (I used a bit of TJ's raspberry vinaigrette along with some balsamic vinegar and olive oil)


jayne bak said...

a variation on this meal could be to use TJ's sesame vinaigrette/marinade on the salmon, and again with olive oil & balsamic as the dressing - for a splurge, toss on the sesame-crusted peanuts (slightly sweet) - YUM!

because it matters,

Jamie said...

Jayne - you probably have a really good homemade dressing that would be awesome for this. Can you post your honey mustard vinaigrette on your blog?