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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Trader Joe's Love

Trader Joe's has so many great qualities.

Last year, we went to another Trader Joe's about an hour away.  I asked for pretzel bread, only to find out that this was only a mid-west product.  However, the employee that I asked empathized with me about the fact that they didn't have it.

She said that she had had it and loved it and wished that it was available everywhere.  Even though I couldn't get it, I wasn't mad because I felt so understood.

The friend who introduced me to Trader Joe's told me a story a little while back.  She moved to the mid-west from California (where Trader Joe's originated).  On one of her first stops to the Trader Joe's in her new area, she asked about a product she had always gotten in CA.  She was so sad about the fact that she couldn't get it anymore.  The employee replied, "Well, you're not in California anymore."

She said that she hasn't seen that employee in Trader Joe's since not long after that.  You know why?  My prediction is this - he was not the kind of person that stays at Trader Joe's (and actually, usually not the kind of person that gets hired).  Trader Joe's employees are happy, friendly, and know what they are talking about.  I have a pleasant interaction with an employee each time I go in our store.

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Linda Ghostwriter said...

Love the stories, and I love Trader Joe's!