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Monday, February 15, 2010

Easy Recipe with Trader Joe's Ingredients

These smoothies have been a regular at our house lately.  So easy to make and they taste really good.  I think they are a great option in fall/winter when, for the most part, the fruits used to make these are not fresh (at least not locally for us).

Ingredients include (I put them in the blender in this order)...

Juice and Milk.  We love this juice so that's what we use.  Any fruit juice would work, but I think some kind of orange juice works best.  And you could use yogurt instead of milk.  We have yogurt in the fridge each week, but use it with granola in the morning.  Milk is cheaper and has the same affect so that is what I use instead.  Essentially, you could omit the dairy all together (it just wouldn't be creamy, but is still very good).

1 banana

frozen fruit - I use Mango chunks or a mix of berries (see below)

Frozen strawberries and blueberries

Vary the amount of everything depending on how thick you'd like your smoothie to be.  You can try all different types...these are just our classic flavors (mango/banana or berry/banana - although you can't taste the banana too much in either).

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Mike and Joni said...

Looks so good. I will for sure give it a try.
Love you. :)