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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Easy Recipe with Trader Joe's Ingredients

I hesitate to share this recipe because it wasn't our favorite, but I believe there is potential in this dish (and it's really easy) so I wanted to share it anyway.

It's a chili casserole.  This dish could easily be vegetarian or with beef or chicken (depending on the chili you use). 

We used...  Trader Joe's salsa. box of cornbread, chicken chili and black beans



Mix the beans, chili, and salsa together.  Set aside.

 Make the cornbread and break up/crumble.

Assemble by putting a layer of cornbread, then the chili mix and then another layer of cornbread (the rest of it).  Add shredded cheddar cheese on top.

Here is what I would change...  The Trader Joe's cornbread is amazingly good, but very sweet.  In our opinion it did not go well with the rest of the dish.  If I made this dish again I would use my own scratch recipe for the cornbread.  

Also, the cheese got a bit funny on top of the cornbread.  I would probably put it under the second layer of cornbread instead of on top.

If you give it a try with the changes, let me know what you think!