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Friday, February 5, 2010

Whole Foods Review - Thai Crystals & Coffee

I needed to give some credit on this blog to Whole Foods, once again, even though I mostly focus on Trader Joe's.  The following 2 products are very worth talking about!  We've been very impressed.

The first is Thai Crystal deodorant.  A friend had told me about this in the fall, but I had thought it was at Trader Joe's and couldn't find it (since they don't carry it).  They have a whole selection at Whole Foods and it is very worth getting.  It's "deodorant", I guess, but really is just salt crystals.  So, none of the harmful things that are found in antiperspirants.  But, it actually works and that is why it is so great!  You don't all.  There isn't any frilly smell since it's just salt...there really isn't any smell at all.  I've tried some natural deodorants, but they haven't worked.  This is a product I feel great about and am so comfortable passing info on about.  Definitely worth checking out!    

365 degrees Coffee is the second product.  A different friend had told me about this coffee.  I've posted about coffee before on this blog and the other one and Clint tends to be pretty particular about what he is happy drinking.  We decided to give this one a try after drinking 5 o'clock coffee for the past year (the only decent cheap one we could find).  Clint loves it.  Like, really really does.  He was super impressed and has been promoting since we've gotten it. 

It is more expensive per pound than what we'd been getting, but worth the price and still a lot cheaper than the higher priced brands (beyond being a great company to support).  I think it's about $7-8/lb when it comes in the bigger bag.  We get the whole bean pacific rim blend. 

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