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Monday, March 29, 2010

Trader Joe's Culinary Compendium

This Trader Joe's goody recently came through our mailbox.  In their own words, it's
"A concise collection of our culinary creations (and more curiosities) crammed into this handy almost pocket-sized guide."
It's volume #3...I was trying to remember if I've received one before, but then realized that this is the most recent "fearless flyer".  If you would like to view your own copy, you can do so here.  Or just go to your local store to pick up a paper copy.

Some fun finds...
  • Buttermilk biscuits ($2.69 for 16 ounces) - page #4.  This is a simple find, I know, but one I didn't realize they had in stores.  I recently saw a breakfast recipe using biscuit dough but didn't think I could get it from TJ's.
  • Organic Baby Spring Mix ($2.69 for 5 ounce bag) - page #9.  This is a summer favorite.  
  • Sesame Soba Noodle Bowl with Asian Vegetables (8 ounce bowl for $2.99) - page #11.  Something we might not get for awhile, but was interesting to make note of...sounds very tasty and perfect for a lunch or dinner on your own.
There are many other things - juices, pre-made items, snacks, etc.  These are just a few things that stuck out at me while looking over the booklet.

Another fact that many Trader Joe's fans probably know, but some may not, is also written on the cover...
"In order to be adorned with the Trader Joe's name, a culinary creation must contain only the finest quality, natural ingredients.  Our name assures that there are NO artificial flavors, colors or preservatives; No genetically modified ingredients; and NO added trans fats.  Trader Joe's - what a name."
I leave it at that.  Happy shopping!

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