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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Trader Joe's shopping follow up

So, I'd been hearing that Trader Joe's had been crazy all weekend.  I knew that from being there opening day, but was curious how it would be on a Monday during the day.  We got to find out!

It was still very busy, but nothing like the weekend.  I was able to get what I needed, though it was crowded, and was checked out quickly.  I will say, I love grocery shopping on Mondays.  We shopped Trader Joe's a bit after lunch and didn't get to Whole Foods till later in the evening (which turned out to be a great and peaceful time to shop!).

{I got a free Trader Joe's bag for bringing in the "coupon" (right) that we got in the mail.  I am now in the drawing for $50 of groceries too!}

From our grocery list for the week, this is what we picked up at Trader Joe's (and prices) -

  • Brown Jasmine Rice - $3.29 (for 3 lbs.)
  • Fresh tomato (plum) - $2.99 (possible could have gotten these cheaper at WF)
  • Whole wheat pasta - $1.29
  • Carrots - $.89
  • Celery - $1.79
  • Tomato paste - $.89
  • Bananas - $.76
To the list, I added
  • coffee (last minute I remembered we were almost out) - $3.49 (SO cheap) 
  • Rice crackers - $1.69 
  • and a Cliff bar for Evee - $.69
Total  = $17.77

Here is what we picked up at Whole Foods -
  • Whole wheat tortilla shells (these are cheaper at WF than TJ's) - $1.29
  • Pine nuts (These are so expensive and not a regular item for us.  They were $7.99 at TJ's.  I'm hoping they will last awhile!) - $7.69
  • Cannellini beans - $.75
  • Savoy cabbage - $1.82
  • Apples - $2.49
To this list, I added

  • 3 5-gallon distilled water bottles (we go back and forth on if we should keep doing this) - $5.85
  • Popcorn kernels (bulk section) - $1.17
  • Throat drops (we've been fighting colds) - $1.99
  • Yogurt - $2.79
  • Granola (Bear Naked was on sale for $4.39 and I had $1 off coupon from the whole deal.  I will get granola at TJ's next time since it's cheaper there.) - $3.39
Total = $29.07

Total for the week = $46.84
It will get interesting when meat and dairy go back on the list!

From the list, we didn't get
  • Curry powder 
  • Zucchini (see below)
Note on the meal plan: I decided to nix the zucchini spaghetti and make my own kind.  I'll put the recipe and pictures on this week when I make it.  I think it will be really good and cheap!

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