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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Whole Foods weekly deals

 Whole Foods sales start on Wednesdays and go through the following Tuesday.

The sales go by region.  I'm guessing we are in the North West region.  You can find your local ads by going to their website.  At the top of the page put in your zip code and make whatever store you go to "your store".  Then, click on "specials".

This week's (9/30-10/6) sales, for our region, are as follows...
  • Bell & Evans® Frozen Chicken Breast Tenders - Buy One Get One Free!
    Reg. $6.49 ea
  • Bone In Rib Steak - $9.99 lb
    Reg. $12.99 lb
  • Whole Foods Market® Adobo Black Bean Soup (23 oz) - $4.99 ea
    Reg. $6.49 ea
  • New YorkMcIntosh Apples - 99¢ lb
    Reg. $1.69 lb 
  • California Organic Raspberries - $2.99 ea
    Reg. $4.99 ea
  • Farm Raised To Our Standards Catfish Fillet - $6.99 lb
    Reg. $8.99 lb  (Available in Cajun, Cornmeal, and Pecan Crusted)
  • Divina Peppadews - $5.99 lb
    Reg. $8.99 lb
  • Red Fork Pizzas (10 inch) - $3.99 ea
    Reg. $6.99 ea (Choose from Bianca, Margherita, and Chicken and Smoked Gouda)
  • Genji® Sushi Veggie Roll - $4.99 ea
    Reg. $6.29 ea
  • Apple & Eve Apple Juice (64 fl oz) - 2 for $4
    Reg. $2.99 ea

1 comment:

Gwen said...

Wish you could have gone apple picking with us on Saturday... 65 cent a lb.