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Monday, October 12, 2009

Props to Whole Foods

Tonight I couldn't find my envelop holder - where we keep our cash for the month.  I had taken it grocery shopping and was trying to think of the last place I'd been.  It was Whole Foods.  I thought maybe I'd slipped my mind and just left it at the cash register.

I called them to see and was trying to stay calm.  They looked around and looked in the safe (where they normally put that stuff if they find it).  No luck.  I thought maybe it was in the little shopping cart that Evee had pushed around (for some odd reason)

Another woman got on the phone and told me that she would run around the parking lot looking to see if there were shopping carts out there and call me back. 

As she ran around I retraced my steps again, I realized that I'd put it in a safe place in the car.  Lovely.

I called them right back to tell them to stop looking and I'd found it.  I told them I was sorry, but just had called straight away just in case.

The woman who had been looking hard to help me out called me back a few minutes later.  I thought she just hadn't gotten the message.

No, she was just calling to tell me that she was so happy that I'd found it.

1 comment:

Gwen said...

whew... good... release the panic button :).

Glad you remembered where it was.