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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Follow up to MPM

I forgot to mention on Monday that we have a good amount of meat in the freezer from my parents leaving some here and other stuff (can't remember right now).  So, we are using that meat up first. 

On Sunday we went apple picking.  Therefore that will be our fruit this week (and possibly into next week) - so we will be eating A LOT of apples! 

We went to a few places this week and went over budget a bit, but am hoping that some will last through to next week (i.e. some of the household products and fruit).  We also got a couple of special treats (carmels and chocolate syrup and ice cream for our homemade apple pie - yikes!).

I had to get flour and sugar this week.  I ended up getting that and some other things from Target because we needed it in time to make an apple pie on Sunday.  I went to Target to get coffee and figured I would get the pie ingredients there too.

No pictures this week, but here is the breakdown...

At Trader Joe's we got
  • Gallon of milk - $2.99
  • Eggs - $1.19
  • Sour Cream - $1.69
  • Butter - $2.49
  • Chocolate syrup (yes, we've gotten into chocolate milk lately) - $2.49
  • Potatoes - $2.49 (saw later that these would have been cheaper at Whole Foods)
  • Carrots - $.89
  • Frozen Green Beans - $1.99
  • AND, dark chocolate covered carmels - super special treat (they are AMAZING) - $3.99
  • I also got avocados for free since my last bag was really bad (all of them were fully brown)...they told me to just bring in the receipt (I had called them) and we got a new bag
Total = $20.49

At Whole Foods we got
  • Cucumber - $.69
  • 365 brand Yogurt -  $2.79
  • Cereal bars - $1.69
  • Bulk popcorn - $1.46
Total = $6.58

  • Dishwasher detergent - $3.24
  • Eight O'clock coffee - $4.14
  • White sugar - $1.62
  • Brown sugar - $1.59
  • Flour - $2.19
  • Ice cream - $2.69
  • Colgate toothpaste - $2.00
Total = $19.16

And, apples from Terhune Orchards cost =$18.26

Grand total = $64.12  - not great, but not terrible either

I've also been thinking about how I could switch to organic &/or free range dairy/eggs...


Elizabeth said...

I was wondering how you got organic/free range chicken eggs for 1.18!

Jamie said...

I'm sorry for that misunderstanding! I got eggs for $1.19, but at the end of the post said that I was wondering how I could switch to organic or free range. That is not what I buy now, but would love to buy organic/free range dairy, eggs and cheese.

Sorry to disappoint! I, too, wish I could find them that cheap!