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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Whole Foods weekly deals

I'll always put the following as a reminder of the weekly deals that just started and where you can find them...

The sale items are up for the week of 10/14/09 - 10/20/09 (Wednesday - Tuesday).

Again, the sales go by region.  These specials are always posted at the front entrance for you to tear off.  You can also find your local sale ads by going to their website.  At the top of the page put in your zip code and make whatever store you go to "your store".  Then, click on "specials".

Some of the good specials for our region this week are
  • Food Should Taste Good Tortilla Chips 5.5 - 6 oz. 2 for $4  save $0.99 
  • Bone In Split Chicken Breast (Air Chilled) $2.99 lb  save $1.00 
  • Wild Caught Swordfish Steaks $12.99 lb  save $5.00
  • Talapia Fillets$7.99 lb  save $2.00 
  • Ben & Jerry's all natural ice cream 2 for $7  save $2.18 on 2 
Happy shopping to you this week!  I hope there are more great deals in your area!

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