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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trader Joe's 100% pure Maple Syrup

Last week when we made pancakes I picked up some maple syrup from Trader Joe's.  It is so good.  I love the real maple syrup!

This bottle is one of the cheapest per ounce, but not the smallest bottle.  They range from $5.99 for the smaller bottle and up.  This one was $13.99.  Definitely worth checking out!  And, a great and healthy (natural) breakfast option.  Especially if you make whole what pancakes with real maple syrup and fruit!  It's been a hit with all of us!


Gwen said...

Mmmm... this sounds so good! Maybe we can have this for bkft. during our family Christmas. We're planning on each family creating and preparing a dinner meal. Maybe we can have a variety of breakfast meals, too!

Diane Anderson said...

I want to add this to my shopping list to give my sister. How many ounces is the bottle that's $13.99?

Jamie said...

Good question - the bottle is 25 oz or 740 ml. I think it was close to $.53 per ounce.

It's really good. I'm going to be making a french toast casserole thing this weekend that I got from a friend and will use the syrup for that as well (I'll share about that recipe too)!

Diane Anderson said...

I've got some steel cut oatmeal in the crockpot with applecider, pecans, craisins and maple syrup (local). Looking forward to a tasty breakfast!

Gwen said...

Oh wait... that plan was for family vacation next year, but I suppose we could work out a plan for Christmas, too.