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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Whole Foods Deals and other info...

I thought I would post more recipes and less details to grocery shopping.  It's hard saying that we do it on a certain budget, because I know what is in my cupboards but obviously everyone has different food items on hand.

So, after this week, I may stop posting my grocery list each week, but will continue to share the meal plan.  Therefore, just know that we stick to $50/week and if you ever want the exact breakdown, I'm happy to share and have my receipts :).

The fun part is that I will post more about specific Trader Joe's ingredients (and how much they cost) and the recipes to the meals we made.  One to come tomorrow!

As for Whole Foods - their deals are up for 11/4 - 11/10.

Go to their website to find your local sales!  At the top of the page put in your zip code and make whatever store you go to "your store".  Then, click on "specials".


Diane Anderson said...

Which TJ's do you shop at? My nearest one is 174 miles away! If I don't plan a road trip, I have to have my sister bring me goodies from Indianapolis.

Katie said...

I would love to hear what your family does for snacks. I have two boys, 3 and 1, who are eating machines. They eat hearty meals at mealtime and beg for more at least twice between meals. It's getting expensive! We've gotten our weekly grocery total down to $150 (thanks for the inspiration!!), but I would like to keep getting it lower and lower. Thanks so much for sharing how you run your grocery budget! It has been so so helpful :)

Danielsen5 said...

Have you ever been over to the $5 dinner blog? Maybe you coud do a break down like Erin. Share your recipe and a break down of the ingredient cost. I enjoy knowing that other people are sticking to a budget like us, we are a family of 6 living on $75 a week and that includes just about everything except the utility bills and house payment! I spent a little extra last week due to Halloween, so only $60 this week (I shop on Thursday mornings at the local Pig, looking for mark down meat).

Blessings, Beth Ann

The Life of the Lawrence's said...

i will miss the list and follow up i check every week for both! :(

Jamie said...

Diane - We shop at the new Princeton one. I can't believe how far the nearest one is to you - yikes! I do love the Indianapolis TJ's. That's the one the hooked me when we lived there :).

Katie - we do basic snacks, but I will try to post soon on cheap snacks. Thanks for the idea.

Danielsen5 - I do know Erin at $5 dinners. She is great. She actually featured my eBook last year. I have been meaning to participate in Bargain Meal of the Week for Trader Joe's. It just hasn't happened yet, but thanks for that reminder. Maybe at least once a week I can post a meal with the price breakdown.

Stephanie - I'll keep posting the list and follow up :)