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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Trader Joe's Big Avocados

There's not a whole lot of detail to give about these.  It is what it is, but I do love avocado.  

I will say, that they've been great when I've gotten them.  I love the price - $1.29 each.  And, I like that you can just get one if that is all you need verses their pack of 4.

One time I got a pack of 4 avocados and when I cut into them, each one was really bad.  I called Trader Joe's to see what I should do and if I could take them back.  The woman I talked with said not to worry about it, just throw them out, and bring in the receipt and let them know they were bad.   Pretty amazing customer service!

So, if you get bad quality stuff, you know that you can always take it back.

These are definitely worth the purchase!

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