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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Trader Joe's Fruit Leathers

These fruit leathers are a favorite treat of ours.  They come in different flavors, some being raspberry, strawberry, mixed berry, etc and are $.49 each.  They are sweet, but all natural and made with 100% real fruit. 

Trader Joe's has other fruit leather/bars that are bigger for $.55 each or ones that have added fiber for $.59 each.   These come in additional flavors, including apricot.

We use these as special treats, but they are always worth it!  The only reason they are not a bulk buy is because of the price.  The only place I've seen these cheaper is at Target, where you can get a 10 pack box for $2.99. 

1 comment:

jayne bak said...

these exact fruit leathers are a 'classic' - my mom always treated my kids to the flavor of their choice when they ventured to Trader Joe's (sometimes a little bribery helps, i love that it was a healthier choice!) - it always brings fond memories of the little things that turn into special moments as i see the fruit leathers on my trips to Trader Joe's - i imagine that it will be something my kids will also remember fondly of their grandma as they frequent Trader Joe's themselves in the future...