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Friday, February 19, 2010

Trader Joe's Cheese

Another great find at Trader Joe's is their cheese.  They have a lot of variety within the cheese section and a delicious options to choose from!  If you haven't explored this section of the store yet, you are missing out. 

We've tried a variety depending on what the circumstances have been.  We've enjoyed their brie with crackers while sipping wine (all at a great price), but today I'm mentioning the "everyday" cheeses that we buy on a very regular basis. 

One of our favorites is the New Zealand Sharp Cheddar Cheese.  We've been getting this for weeks now since this Trader Joe's opened up by us.  It is really good, but I will say it also has a very pungent flavor.  More recently I've switched over to the Wisconsin Cheddar that is also sharp, but isn't as intense.  Both are $4.99/lb. 

For the most part I just buy block cheese and we shred it ourselves.  But, sometimes you need or want shredded cheese.  One that we've gotten for pasta dishes is this 12 oz. package of shredded cheese for $3.69.  You could also use it for some of the cheese in the hot spinach dip recipe I shared a couple of weeks ago. 

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Anonymous said...

NONE of Trader Joe's branded cheeses are sharp enough. When the package says 'extra sharp' I expect such. Not that it's not decent, but there is absolutely no bite.