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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Easy Trader Joe's Meal

We had the best Trader Joe's meal.  Clint and I both said that it felt like an Australian meal.  And, it was really easy.

I bought the new fish nuggets.  These have been at the demo station a couple of times, which was nice since I'd planned to get some anyway.  They are really good!  Lightly breaded Alaskan Pollock.  Definitely worth giving a try!  These are $3.99 for 16 ounces and are in the frozen section.

Beyond that we had their wonderful frozen green beans ($1.99/bag), steamed carrots ($.89 for a pound), and mashed potatoes (with butter, milk and garlic).  It was a really simple meal and SO good.  Oh, and put it with Trader Joe's tarter sauce (or their cocktail sauce is really good as well!). 

Oh, and one more thing I should not leave out.  We had was sauteed mushrooms and onions (saute with butter, garlic and soy sauce).  I can't even tell you how amazing these are!  Clint makes them and they are worth every bite!  


pk said...

Veggies and fish! My kind of meal

Anonymous said...


pk said...

It was delicious